German Pool at the 54th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo: Novel Appliances Showdown!
2019-12-06 Expo Share

The annual Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo is opening on 10th December 2019. Having served Hong Kong for nearly 4 decades, German Pool is bringing you a brand-new set of products in the 54th HKBPE, including: DC Motor SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan (EFB-326H), Multi-Purpose Bathroom Heater (HTB-148), 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer (CKF-215), Bento Steam Cooker (FSL-103), Foldable Travel Kettle (KTT-209), (IRH-112), USB Portable Travel Iron (IRT-16) and Lint Remover (IRT-S1).

Apart from the galore of new releases, German Pool is also bringing forth a series of discount and our popular products will be sold at unprecedented low prices. At our booth, culinary professionals will demonstrate how to make healthy veggie juice, desserts and snacks, and you are invited to taste them out and bring home your very own German Pool appliances! Let’s take a closer look at the new products we are staging at HKBPE this year!

German Pool Exhibition Details

Address:Hong Kong Victoria Park


Date:10th-31st December 2019

Time: 11:00 – 20:00 (Monday – Sunday)

   11:00 – 18:00 (31st December 2019)


Brand New Products You Shouldn’t Miss

2-in-1 Heater Fan: The Most Cost-Effective, Space-Saving Ventilator

Tailored for Hong Kong’s climate, DC Motor SlimTower Bladeless Heater & Fan is equipped with BLDC Direct Current Brushless Motor and a heating function, replacing the fan and the heater and saving the hassle of storage. It provides comfort in all seasons, for the beloved children and elderly in your family.

The Bladeless Air Circulation Technology forces air through a 70-cm narrow aluminium vent which results in an extremely strong cooling current. The 80° wide-angle oscillation ensures the wind can reach even the corners of the interior so that comfort is not lacking anywhere.

Winter Must-Have: One of the Smallest Thermo Ventilators Out There

This extremely compact bathroom heater requires an installation space of only 220 x 210mm (around 8 x 8 inches), making it one of the most compact models of thermo ventilator on the market. It has the size of an ordinary vent, fitting most bathrooms, and the installation procedures are simple, as no pipes or extra accessories are needed.

The 3-in-1 heating, ventilation and circulation functions offers a replacement for two separate appliances; speaking of saving money and space! Apart from speed-heating and circulation, this thermo ventilator can also dry laundry on humid days, cool off the interior swiftly and purifying the air with the anion system. Enjoy a multitude of comfort at the price of just one appliance!

Largest Volume, Widest Function Range: Latest Party Must-have

The 9-L extra-large 3D Auto-Spin Healthy Air Fryer features the pioneering 360° spinning function, which enables thorough and convenient cooking with paired with a set of handy accessories. The fortified heat-resistant see-through glass lid allows easy monitoring of the cooking process, which is more convenient than traditional drawer-type air fryers.

By heat conduction, convection and penetration, the air fryer cooks without flame, smoke production or radiation. With the air circulation technology, the speed of heat current is boosted to reach the fat content of the food swiftly and air-fry it. Be it French fries, fried cashews or chicken, no additional oil is needed in the cooking. The food prepared by this air fryer has the lowest fat content and a superior texture, loved by all age ranges!

Healthy Daily Home Cooking: True Blessing to the Busy Office Worker

The Bento Steam Cooker is a health assistant designed for busy office workers and people trying to lose weight healthily. Its slim silhouette is easy to store in the office and at home, taking up very little space on work desks and in drawers. Home cooking helps you avoid MSG and excess intake of sodium and fat. With this little helper, cooking healthily on your own is not a tall order anymore.

The 4-container design is tailored for a meal with two dishes, a soup and rice. The 10-hour delay start function saves the hassle of close monitoring, and the 2-hour thermal function allows more mealtime flexibility, so that warm food is always there to great you after work!

Compact and Multi-functional: The World Voyager’s Companion

This stainless steel travel kettle has a detachable design that when collapsed, its height is just a mere 11.5cm. With the flappable handle and separate power cord components, travelling kettles now take up even less luggage space than before! Disassembling and assembling are simple and swift; this travel kettle will surely satisfy all the needs of a backpacker.

The kettle’s surfaces in direct contact food and water are made of Food Grade 304 stainless steel, which is durable, nontoxic, odourless, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. With the universally adaptable power supply function (100 – 240V), you can now go without an extra travel adaptor. Now that is convenience!

The Most Chic Vertical Steam Iron: Flat & Vertical Ironing, Sterilisation & Deodourisation

This chic and stylich handheld Vertical Steam Iron is equipped with high-pressure steaming technology and stainless steel diamond-shaped iron plating, which results in an even and speedy heat conduction. The diamond-shaped grooves prevents sticking and snagging the fabric; each corner of he fabric can be straightened immaculately without damage. The formation of limescale and stains is prevented, and upon being powered on, this vertical steam iron is ready to be used in 20 seconds. Hands down the quickest and most efficient of all vertical steam irons.

Simply hang your garment and turn on this vertical steam iron. Straightening problem areas like the collars, sleeves and buttonholes have never been easier. With this iron, you can also straighten your garments on flat surfaceslike the bed, saving the money to purchase an iron board for the job, as well as the space to store it. The high-pressure steam penetrates into the fabric materials, and apart from beautifying it, the steam also kills germs and remove odour on all kinds of clothes.

The Vlogger’s Handy Traveling Kit: 2-in-1 Charger Iron

This tiny USB Portable Travel Iron takes up minimal space in your luggage, and its 3 temperature settings suit most fabric materials. The battery handle can be used as a charger for phones or other electronic devices. Good news to vloggers and business travelers!

This portable iron’s smooth ceramic plate is more durable than other stainless steel ironing plates. The material creates minimal drag on fabric and does not rust, so that your garments are always kept pristine. Its high conductivity ensures even heating, while the point-and-curve shape prevents creasing the straightened garment fabric when ironing back and forth.

The Shape-shifter of Portable Appliances: Iron to Lint Remover in No Time

This lint remover is an accessory designed for the USB Portable Travel Iron (IRT-16). With the magnet adaptor design, detach the iron and attach the lint remover for a quick transformation of function. The weight of the resulting lint remover is only 300g; the light-weight and mini build does not tire out your wrist even if your garment needs some serious upkeeping.

The durable three-blade lint remover has a floating design; the large working surface of the remover can cover large garment items quickly, efficiently renewing your garment. The anti-scratch stainless steel shaving foil makes sure the contact surface between the fabric and the machine is smooth, protecting your garment from snagging. The three speed intervals together make this lint remover suitable for most fabric.

German Pool Showrooms

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