Hero in Humid Spring: True Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Air Purifying Dehumidifiers

2023-03-17 Special New Share


Hong Kong, a subtropical city, suffers humid spring that bothers everyone’s household. The city has a humid, rainy, foggy spring and there is the Chinese concept of “Spring Tiredness” that stems from the high humidity and stuffy weather. The humid season wets the walls of homes and affects both the households and our bodies immensely. The must-have series of True Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Air Purifying Dehumidifiers come to your rescue. The tiny and versatile DHM-906 model, DHM-914which is equipped with HEPA 13 filter and has high dehumidifying capacity of 25L per day, and the WiFi Smart UVC Air Purifying Dehumidifier are all qualified by EMSD as models with Grade 1 energy efficiency. Choose them and not only are you saving on your electricity bill, you are helping to save the environment as well.

HEPA 13 filter was installed on DHM-914 when it underwent efficiency lab test. The grade 1 energy efficiency as shown in test report reflects the actual performance of the dehumidifier, so you need not worry the HEPA filter may affect the dehumidifying power.

Compact UVC Air Purifying Dehumidifier DHM-906

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As an upgrade version of the much loved best-selling model of DHM-706S, the compact UVC Air Purifying Dehumidifier DHM-906 has a dehumidifying capacity of 12 L per day as well as a super space-saving design, smart humidity control function, UVC sterilization and anion purification system to keep your home refreshing and comfortable, safeguarding your family’s health.

Rocking a slim body of only 29 cm wide and 18 cm thin, UVC Air Purifying Dehumidifier is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom, study and any other corner of your sweet home.

UVC LED sterilization lamp of the dehumidifier uses 270 nm-285nm strong UVC to quickly and efficiently destroy microorganism’s DNA structure, killing bacteria and prevents the formation of mildew. At the same time, advanced anion technology generates negative ions to bond with pollutant particles in the air and weigh them down, whipped away from breathing air, effectively diluting pollutant concentration and improving indoor air quality.

Air Purifying Dehumidifier DHM-914

Air Purifying Dehumidifier DHM-914’s dehumidifying capacity is high at 25L per day, which is equal to 50 full bottles of 500 ml water. As the dehumidifier is equipped with a 4.2 L extra large water tank, there is no need to empty the tank constantly. Simply attach the included drain hose to the dehumidifier and you can run it continuously 24/7, which brings you maximum comfort and helps you eradicate moisture and fend off molds.

HEPA 13 triple filter can capture particulates and 99.99% pollutants in air. The dehumidifier also has Advanced Anion Technology that purifies air while dehumidifying. The dehumidifier can act as an air purifier at your home throughout all seasons, too.

In this humid season, you can use 24-hr Continuous Dry Mode to facilitate laundry drying. It helps you handle any large daily laundry load you may have without hassle.

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WiFi Smart UVC Air-Purifying Dehumidifier DHM-911-SC

All new German Pool WiFi Smart UVC Air-Purifying Dehumidifier can remove up to 20 L moisture from the air per day, together with 3 major modes – Dehumidify/Fan/Dry, HEPA 11 high efficiency filter, UVC sterilization lamp and Anion technology, maintain your indoor air comfortably dry and clean all day long.

With the innovative German Pool Smart Control App, you can fully control the WiFi Smart UVC Air-Purifying Dehumidifier with your smartphone anywhere, anytime; no more worrying about forgetting to turn off the dehumidifier when you rush out the door in the morning, and you can turn on the humidifier before you get home to ensure a dry and comfortable environment the moment you step in the door.