German Pool X Esso Ultimate Seafood Steamer Redemption Special

2021-08-28 Promo Special Share

It's Autumn Commences! While summer heat might still be lingering, the long-awaited hairy crab season is just around the corner! Get ready to enjoy the awesome hairy crab feast with your family. What you need is the two-storey, easy-to-dismantle, space-saving German Pool Ultimate "Lazy" Seafood Steamer - Foldable Jet Steamer (JET-915)!

The patented jet steaming technology of the Foldable Jet Steamer allows high-temperature steam to be ejected within 30 seconds, where heat is evenly and efficiently distributed, facilitating fast and thorough steaming of hairy crabs and other seafood. The foldable jet steamer shortens 50% cooking time when compared to traditional steaming, effectively reducing the loss of nutrients while retaining the original flavour of food. With this foldable jet steamer, preparing hairy crab feasts, seafood banquets, steam meals or re-creating the yum cha experience has never been easier, healthier and more lavish!

Foldable Space-saving Design: Perfect for Nano Kitchens!

The Foldable Jet Steamer is only 10 cm thick when folded, making it the perfect steamer for nano kitchens. It can also be easily moved to the living room so that the whole family can gather around to enjoy steamed seafood meals and hairy crabs. Sit back and your seafood banquet will be ready in no time!

10.5 L Two-storey Capacity for Flexible Steaming

German Pool Foldable Jet Steamer comes with two steaming baskets and a rack, providing the flexibility to adjust the number of layers and steaming capacity according to your needs. When steaming sizeable food ingredients like a whole chicken, lobster or pork trotter, you can remove the rack and make it an uninterrupted space with 10.5 L capacity. Whereas when you steam seafood like scallops, razor clams and shrimps, or dishes like minced pork and Chinese steamed egg, you may divide the space into two levels and steam simultaneously.

One-storey Steaming

Steam in a small capacity, enhancing steaming efficiency to cook in a faster and more energy-saving way.

Two-storey Steaming

Steam in two storeys at the same time, allowing you to prepare various dishes in one go.

Oversize Steaming

Steam sizeable food ingredients like whole chickens or lobsters, easy and convenient.

Ultra-large External Water Tank & Extra-safe Steam Sterilization

The 1.7 L external water tank of the Foldable Jet Steamer supports 1 hour of continuous steam-cook. Add water during the cooking process to extend the steaming; detach to clear out the condensed water.

Foldable Jet Steamer is efficient in disinfecting water bottles, mugs and towels. Natural pure steam leaves no residue in the steamer, allowing you to steam-cook and clean utensils at ease.

From August 23 to October 31, Esso Smiles Members can use:
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German Pool Foldable Jet Steamer

Foldable Jet Steamer
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