Boiling and Insulating Combined into One - Temperature-control Electric Vacuum Kettle
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Boiling and Insulating Combined into One

Combining water kettles and insulating flasks into one, German Pool 2 in 1 Vacuum Water Kettle can swiftly boil water, as well as keeping it warm throughout 12 hours. Never again worry about water cooling down quickly nor the need to hurry pouring water into insulating containers; a vacuum kettle can cover both your boiling and heat retaining needs, making it safer and more eco-friendly.

12Hours Thermal Insulating

8 Hours of Vacuum Insulation

Double stainless steel layers effectively prevents heat lost by conduction, effectively keeps water warm up to 8 hours* and saves energy

4 Hours of Electric Temperature Regulating

Micro-computers accurately control the temperature, maintaining the temperature when it drops up to 4 hours.

*Factory testing shows insulation up to 8 hours(≥59°C), actual results may vary due to set temperatures, the environment, water volume etc. Under room temperatures of 29°C using water of 100°C

Precise controls Flexible adjustments as detailed as 5°C

Simply tap the buttons to control the water temperature between 40°C-100°C and as precisely as 5°C. Users can adjust the temperature of water to better suit their personal needs.


Honey Water

65°C -70°C

Milk Powder




Pu Er Tea

Thoughtful Design for Safety Drinking

The Vacuum Kettle interior uses 304 Stainless Steel, avoiding unusual tastes in the water as well as heavy metals when boiling. At the same time, the Vacuum Kettle effectively keeps water warm, and through the LCD monitor can be informed of the temperature inside the kettle removing the need to re-boil water again while avoid producing harmful substances.

Stylish Design 3 Colour Options
Lake Blue
Charcoal Grey
Snow White