German Pool to Participate in CMA's ESG+ Pledge Scheme

2022-10-21 Corporate Share

German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited, German Pool Group Company Limited and German Pool Kitchen Equipment Limited are pleased to announced their participation in the ESG+ Pledge Scheme organized by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA). By joining ESG+ Pledge Scheme, German Pool demonstrates the intension of supporting the sustainable development and build up an image of ESG pioneer, and receive recognition from third-party authoritative organizations.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) refers to the philosophy and important perspectives of sustainable development of enterprises. Through various management indicators, ESG can be exercised in different aspects. Environmentally, specific implementation practices include introducing environmentally friendly elements in products and packaging design, adopting new technology and equipment that are energy efficient, and investing and applying renewable energy, etc. Socially, specific implementation practices include caring employees, paying attention to the rights of customers and implementing good human resources management, etc. In strengthening corporate governance, specific implementation practices include improving the organizational structure of the company, formulating precise division of labor and work guidelines for positions, and strengthening the internal control mechanism, etc.

German Pool will focus on one or more specific implementation practices from each category of ESG, and make commitments and efforts in launching substantive work in the coming year to enhance our ESG performance.

German Pool will continuously and actively care about the relationship between business and society, economy, environment and resources in the future, to create a harmonious, sustainable and adaptive future, and to promote Hong Kong to achieve economic prosperity, social progress and a beautiful environment at the same time.

About ESG+ Pledge

ESG+ Pledge Scheme is organized by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong and co-operated with Hong Kong Brand Development Council. The scheme is aim at strengthening the concern of sustainable development. It encourages the business and public sectors to sign the pledge and implement the action plans to improve the ESG (Environmental, social and governance) performance, thus building a sustainable environment in future.