Storage Water Heater - Central

Installation Fee list

Standard Installation Fee

3.5 - 10 gal (vertical)$650
15 - 20 gal (vertical)$850
25 - 35 gal (vertical)$1,050
40 - 50 gal (vertical)$1,250
HorizontalAdd $100

Standard Installation Includes

Power cord (open wiring)10 ft
0.5"" white plastic-coated copper pipe5 ft
0.5"" pipe accessory (excluding tees)2 pc
20A double pole illuminated power switch1 pc
 If necessary:
  0.5" white plastic-coated copper pipe with drain valve6 ft
  0.5" water valve1 pc

Installation Fees for Additional Projects:

1/2" pressure reducing valve$560 / pc
Power cord extension$20 / ft
1/2" white plastic coated copper pipe$30 / ft
1/2" copper pipe accessories$30 / pc
1/2" copper tee$100 / pc
Drilling holes in concrete wall for wiring (Hole depth no more than 6")$80 / pc
30A MCB earth leakage circuit breaker (Installed inside original distribution box)$250 / pc
20A cooker switch$120 / pc
30A cooker switch$320 / pc
30A 3-phase$450 / pc
10ft power cord with power switch with built-in light (Wiring from main distribution box, 220V/3000W)$580 / pc
Installation or disassembling in locations of a height of more than 8 ft or in dropped ceilingsurcharge of 30%
Removing and collecting original storage water heater (10 gal or below)$100 / time
Removing and collecting original storage water heater (10 gal or above)Negotiable / time
On-site measurement$100 / visit

Remote Area Surcharges:

2nd floor or higher in a walk-up buildingFee $20 / flight
Ma Wan and Tung Chung$200
Other locations in Lantau Island (max. 8 steps per flight of stairs), Outlying Islands, and remote or restricted areas in New Territories$400
(Delivery with Installation) Building parking charge exceeding HK$20/hourPrice Difference


Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above
Additional works are to be paid and carried out on the same day
Additional works to be commenced on another day require separate quotation
Quotation for additional works are provided by technicians on site
Shipping cost (includes delivery with setup, 10 gallons or below) $80