100% Made in Germany

State-Of-The-Art Technology

All new DEN12 is designed and made in Germany with state-of-the-art technology to give you the most efficient, safe and chic instantaneous electric water heater on the market today. One heater provides multi-point water outlets, whether installed on the wall at eye level, inconspicuously hidden in ceiling/cabinet or under the sink, DEN12 conveniently supplies instant hot water to all tap outlets in your home.

Instant & Endless

Hot Water at Your Command

All new DEN12 is a fully electronic instantaneous water heater with IES® efficient bare wire heating system, transmitting heat directly to the water, giving significantly greater efficiency and a very fast heat-up time of just two seconds after opening the tap, heating only the required amount with no standby energy consumption and barely any heat loss, significantly saving both energy and water.

Precision Temperature Control

Optimal Comfort &
Accidental Scalding Prevention

All new DEN12 instantaneous electric water heater with TTC® Twin Temperature Control technology provides precise temperature control between 20°C – 60°C even if water pressure fluctuates, and controls water temperature with accuracy up to 0.5°C, providing optimal comfort while preventing accidental scalding.

Low Water Inlet Limit

Save on Water,   
Splurge on Comfort

All new DEN12 electric instant water heater is equipped with precise water flow sensors and optimized actuator, guaranteeing complete comfort even if water pressure is low. Suitable to use with for inlet water volume as low as 1.5L/min, so you can use it with water-saving showerheads for a splurging spa massage experience while still saving significantly on water usage.

Real Glass Touch Display

Comprehensive & Easy to Use

All new DEN12 instantaneous electric water heater has graphics-enabled real glass LCD display control panel with sensor keys for easy control and management. Simply tap on the keys to select application and adjust values.

Smart Control Plus

With the all new super user-friendly IoT Smart Control Plus System, you can directly control up to 10 instantaneous water heaters simultaneously via Alexa AI voice control or smartphone/tablet APP. Extremely handy when your water heater is installed hidden in a suspended ceiling or inside a cabinet.

Energy Expenditure and Operation Data At Your Fingertips

Device Information

High Energy Efficiency

Power is automatically adjusted to the flow rate and inlet temperature, saving up to 40% more energy than conventional storage heaters.

Thoughtful Design

Multiple User Settings

Create up to 4 user profiles with individual water temperature settings.

Consumption Monitoring

Water and electric consumption can be monitored to cost efficiency, perfect for the competent consumer.

IP25 Water Protection Class

Effectively guards against direct water-splashing, perfectly safe to install inside the shower area.

Auto Safety Mechanisms

Equipped with auto safety thermal (STB) and safety pressure (SDB) cut-outs to ensure maximum user safety.

Child-Proof Setting

By limiting the maximum outlet temperature, accidental scalding can be safely prevented.

Solar System Compatible

The inlet temperature can be up to 70 °C so that operation in connection with top-up heating (e.g. in solar systems), is possible.

Optional Purchase

Mounting Frame Kit



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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The water of the Instantaneous Water Heater remains cold and its digital display screen does not light up. Why?
The master fuse may have tripped. Try to replace or reactivate it. The safety pressure/thermal cut-out may also be tripped.
Can I hire a qualified technician to do water heater installation by myself if I know exactly which model to replace my old one?
It depends on which type of water heater you are going to replace. On-site sighting is necessary if your old water heater is gas-typed.
What is Three-Phase Power?
It refers to three sets of alternating current with equal amplitude, equal frequency and phase difference of 120°.
Why do electric water heaters need Three-Phase Power?
The electricity consumption of electric water heaters is high, so is their power consumption requirement.
Can I use single-phase power instantaneous electric water heaters for shower in winter?
The power to heat the water is higher when taking shower in winter. Use Aerated Showerhead to enhance water flow efficiency.
What is the difference in the thermal efficiency of different types of water heaters?
Single-phase and three-phase power models have a thermal efficiency of around 98%.
Why is the Instantaneous Water Heater displaying the error code "Er"?
Error code "Er" indicates that the control system has switched off. Switch off the fuse and turn it on again.
What is the best way to clean and maintain the Instantaneous Water Heater?
Wipe the plastic surface and parts with a damp cloth. To ensure a stable water supply, detach and clean the outlet parts regularly.
The Instantaneous Water Heater displays the error code "NO" and is not responding to the remote control. Why?
The distance between the remote control and the water heater has exceeded the transmission range.