One-Step Operation

Put in ingredients, set the timer and your homemade ice-cream will be ready to serve in 30-45 minutes. The operation is super simple!

1. Put in fresh ingredients

2. Switch to set the timer

3. Savour your homemade ice-cream

Cucumber Ice-cream
Black Sesame Ice-cream
Salted Caramel Ice-cream
Osmanthus Lychee Sorbet
Pistachio Ice-cream
Green Tea Mochi Ice-cream
Ice-cream Sandwich

Exquisite Taste with Additional Mix-ins

Mix in different ingredients such as fresh fruits, crispy nuts, tasty cookies, organic spices and even herbal medicines during the ice-cream making process to create endless flavours.

The Healthiest Choice

Select fresh fruits and organic ingredients of your choice to ensure the absence of plasticisers, preservatives, additives and colourings. You can also create low-fat or sugar-free ice-cream, making your DIY dessert as healthy as possible!

Create Whatever Flavour You Like

Create delicious ice-cream with fresh fruit, syrup and natural spices of your choice. By mixing different ingredients, you can create the most unique, innovative flavour ever!

DIY Is So Much Fun

Enjoy a great time making ice cream with your loved ones. Each of you can contribute to it and the final product is uniquely yours.

A Treat for the Entire Family

The Homemade Ice-cream Maker is compact in size yet large in capacity. It can make up to 1.3 L of ice-cream---enough for your entire family to share.

Detachable Bucket for Refrigeration

Homemade ice-cream can be savoured immediately when it is ready to serve or relished at a later time, as the detachable bucket can be stored in the fridge.

See-Through Window

The see-through cover makes it easy to monitor the ice cream making process. You can thus have a better control of your creation. Adjust the timer during operation for a more desirable texture.

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