Fresh Currents with All Around Wind Delivery

Equipped with 360°oscillation and 90°vertical tilt, broad range of wind delivery.

Powerful Cyclone Current, Steady Flow of Wind

Advanced air- circulation technology producing cyclone effect, more stable than traditional fans. Enhancing convection through positive indoor circulation

Harmony with Air-Conditioning, Energy Efficient and Comfortable.

360° Air Circulation Fan maximizes indoor wind delivery, distributing cool or warm currents throughout further saving energy.

Complementing Air-Conditioning

Accelerate indoor air-circulation maximizes indoor wind delivery, distributing cool currents throughout the entire room.

Complementing Heaters

360°air circulator fan can disperse warm air gathered at the ceiling, transform comfortable setting and saving energy.

Enhancing Currents for Cool Refreshing Airflow

Enhancing indoor airflow preventing buildup of mold and spores, keeping the home fresh.

Ventilation with Outdoor Air

Apart from ensuring proper indoor air circulation, this 360° Air Circulation Fan facilitates proper exchange between the air indoors and outdoors.

Creating Air Current in between 2 Rooms

For a better air circulation, this 360° Air Circulation Fan can create a fast-flowing current in between two closed compartments.

Friendly Design

360° Oscillating Wind Delivery

90° vertical tilt

8” Large Diameter

High low dual speed selection

Compact and mobile design

Easy twist controls



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



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