HEPA 13 Filter Cartridge

HEPA13 High Efficiency Filter

One Filter To Catch’ em All

Double filter system consisting of Pre-filter and HEPA 13 High Efficiency Filter and system captures PM2.5 particulate matters and 99.9%* air pollutants, ensuring the air quality inside your home is clean and safe.

* Test Report: GTTC #190119945

High Efficiency Filter

For Air Purifier & Fan

Designed specifically for the UVC Plasma Air Purifier Fan EFB-PC30, this HEPA filter eliminates 0.3µm (PM 2.5) particles including bacteria, germs, allergens, and even aerosols*. Activated carbon effectively absorbs formaldehyde, exhaust air, smoke and odours, safeguarding the health of your family.

The said model of air purifier & fan also levels up the protection by sterilizing the filter with UVC and plasma to ensure every breath feels safe and refreshing*.


* Test report: Intertek 200800817SHA-001



Functions & Features

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