Thorough and Eco-Friendly Sterilization Techniques

The powerful ozone and UV combination provides no hidden spot for bacterial growth. No pollutants and harmful residues are left behind. It is by far the most eco-friendly way of cookware sterilization.

User-Friendly Features

Multi-Purpose Halogen Heat-drying

Halogen heat-drying system enhances the efficiency and quality of ozone disinfecting and tableware drying.

Smart Touchscreen Panel

Smart touchscreen panel design, with intelligent power switch, one-touch disinfection and heating button, every function can be set with just one simple press.

Extra Large Capacity

Upper & lower sliding racks loading all types of dishware up to 12 kg


The space-saving built-in design perfectly integrates the refrigerator with your kitchen cabinet.



Functions & Features

WiFi Connection



More Details


Can I open the door of the dish sterilizer during operation?
Do not open the door during the process of ozone disinfection to avoid excessive leakage of ozone. The safety lock prevents the door from opening accidentally.
Can I take the dishes out immediately after sterilization?
Do not open the door of dish sterilizer immediately after sterilization. Wait for 20 minutes before opening the door to optimize the disinfection and let the ozone restore.
Can I put wet dishes into the dish sterilizer?
Yes, you can sterilize wet dishes in the dish sterilizer.