Steam, Grill, Microwave, All Together Now

2021-03-03 New Share

With home prices that ‘outshines’ the world, literally every inch of home space in this crowded city counts! What can you do when your kitchen is tiny but you still crave for bakes, steamed fish as much as handy microwave meals? Well, get them all done with an all-in-one microwave, steam & grill oven!

The Solution for Tiny Kitchens

A microwave over, steamer and griller, all in one revolutionary body – the built-in Steam & Grill Microwave Oven (SGM-3620) fulfills all your cooking needs! Steam cooking locks in juices and nutrients from your best quality picks, grill bake makes crispy yet juicy and tender meat, while microwave is here to even shorten cooking time so much that you’re literally waiting for that same ‘ding’ from a microwave meal – in a much more nutritious and delicious form, of course!

Steaming Locks in Nutrition

High-temperature steaming (up to 110℃) locks in juices and nutrients of your favourite food while breaking down excess fat. If you want to eat healthy, you’ll surely like this!

Grill Bake Releases Flavours

Hot grill & bake (up to 230℃) coupled with heat convection ensures even heating of the entire oven cavity. Crispy meat which also tastes juicy and tender after the first bite? Moist and fluffy cakes? No longer a dream!

Microwave Speeds Up Cooking

900W microwave power cooks your food from inside out in a matter of minutes. Yeah, we all know microwave is for frozen snacks, defrosting, fermenting doughs or reheating meals to save time, but is that it? Surely not – innovations bring us with Combi-Cook!

Combi-Cook the Perfect Meal

Microwave, steam or grill-bake can be used independently or together at once to achieve that perfect result every foodie craves for! By using microwave, steam and grill together, chicken wings can be steam-grilled to juicy perfection in a mere 4 minutes*! Becoming a celebrity chef is only one button away (You may even make feasts faster than them)!
* Actual cooking time may vary with food quantity or cooking utensil.

48 Preset Recipes
For Newbies or the Busy

With 48 preset recipes including pastries and worldwide cuisines, simply select the one you want together with food quantity, and the Steam & Grill Microwave Oven (SGM-3620) will calculate the cooking method, temperature and time needed. Sit back and relax while the rest is taken good care of. We’re here to make even newbies celebrity chefs!

36L Extra Large Capacity
The Whole Family Feast in One Go!

36L capacity is sure to deliver a full meal for four, all in one go! Large enough to fit in a whole chicken, or stack up three levels of dishes at the same time, this combo oven saves you time, electricity and effort.

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