No more bites, only quite nights! Mosquito Trap

2020-07-31 New Share

Showers and downpours in summer may have eased its toil, but they create another as mosquitoes make their way to the city and leech on you! Just take a walk outdoors and you are not only soaked but also full of bites that itch, itch and itch. What’s more annoying are the buzzes – with hisses and hisses all night long, you may often end up eyes open till the morning! You try to catch them, but just in vain, and you’re left with utter tiredness for the coming day!

German Pool therefore presents the all-new Mosquito Trap (MTR-100). With UV light at the optimal mosquito-luring 365nm wavelength and a lure agent that subtly mimics human scent, the mosquito trap captures those flying squads with its vortex fan and let them dry inside the storage compartment. So what are you waiting for? Beat the squad with us!

Human Scent Lure Agent

Mosquitoes have receptors on their eyes, antennae and legs that are highly sensitive to human scent and activity. They are attracted by human breaths and chemicals in human sweat. That’s why those who sweat heavily are especially prone to bites!

The German Pool mosquito trap comes with a lure agent which subtly mimics the smell of human sweat. Together with the vortex fan which recreates air flows that resemble human breaths, mosquitoes are sure to like the machine.

365nm UV for Optimal Mosquito Luring

Mosquitoes are sensitive to light rays in the dark due to their positive phototactic property. The German Pool mosquito trap comes with a cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL) tube that emits 365nm UV light, mimicking radiations from the human body and hence luring mosquitoes optimally.

Vortex Suctioning - The Enemy of Mosquitoes

After luring mosquitoes to the suction inlet, the strong fan and double air inlets create a vortex to effectively suck in mosquitoes, and lock them in the container where they naturally dehydrate and die.

As no odours, radiations, toxic chemicals or ‘zap’ sounds from fly swatters are emitted during the operation, the German Pool mosquito trap is safer than most traditional electric zappers or chemical coils, and is ideal for families with pregnant mum, babies and the elderly.

Intelligent Photo-sensor: Convenient, Energy-saving & Eco-friendly

The German Pool mosquito trap contains an intelligent photo-sensor, and can be set to auto start in the dark or in dim light to safeguard your bite-free nights, as well as to turn off during the day.

Auto-off timers can be set for 5, 8 and 12 hours to save energy.

Light-weight, Portable & USB-powered

The Mosquito Trap is USB-powered and works plug-and-play with a power bank or any USB outlet such as car, TV or computer. It is easier than ever to keep mosquitoes out of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio, office, car as well as outdoor settings like camping, picnic and BBQ.





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