Greater Bay Area and Happy Kitchen Cooking Competitions 2019
2019-11-09 Corporate Share

The ­­­Happy Kitchen Cooking Competition 2019 and Greater Bay Area Cooking Competition came to a successful end on last Saturday on 2nd November 2019.

The chairman, co-chairman and honorary president of the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation, Dr. Edward Kwok Man Chan, Dr. Dennis Ng Wang Pun and Dr. Allen Shi Lop-tak were invited to adjudicate on the two competitions, along with the famous Hong Kong chef, Master K. K. Chan.

The competitions were fierce and every cooking team delivered flamboyant dishes which looked, smelled and tasted absolutely delicious.

In the Happy Kitchen Cooking Competition 2019, five teams were competing against each other to be the champion of the event. Representatives of the Chinese Culinary Institute (Team A) won the honour with an extraordinary dish called ‘Prosperous and Joyous Family’, while German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited team was the second runner-up, presenting the adjudicators with their specialty dish, barbecued German pork knuckle. It was such a close game.

In the Greater Bay Area Cooking Competition, the Shenzhen representative, Jia Ningna, claimed the first place with the dish Chrysanthemum and Pomegranate Scallop-vegetable Balls.

The competitions were sponsored by German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited, with the aim of assisting the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation (HKPHIF) to boost Hong Kong’s happiness. With the scrumptious gourmet and competitions, German Pool hopes to bring about the culture of positive and healthy lifestyle in the Small to Medium Enterprises’ sector.