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There are many styles of range hoods in the market. most of which are only advertised as extremely powerful and easy to clean. However, to create a modern and fashionable home, the style of the range hood must also be follow the trend! German Pool brand new Wall-mounted Range Hood (GPR-GY900L) as the newest member of the "Designer Series". With vertical ultra-thin innovative design, stylish appearance, simple and degenerate body lines, full of style, instantly make the range hood into a synonym for elegant style. Equipped with DC Brushless Motor (BLDC), it is more efficient and durable, making it the perfect choice for modern and stylish homes.

Made in Europe, Start a Revolution in Stylish Kitchens

The Wall-mounted Range Hood (GPR-GY900L), designed and manufactured by a European factory, is known for its ingenious exterior design, and introduces new and outstanding functions to combine European style and exquisite craftsmanship. Hong Kong's cooking needs. The fuselage adopts innovative vertical and ultra-thin design, and the position is beautiful. The screen is easy to take out and the filter is cleaned. The collection panel is full of fashionable style, and the simple model is always displayed.

Stable and Quieter with DC Brushless Motor

Equipped with the highest level of the system in the motor — — DC brushless motor (BLDC), using the magnetic induction sensor to drive the motor, is more stable, less noisy and more efficient than the traditional motor. DC brushless motor contain multiple protection mechanisms, such as overloading and overvoltage, to reduce the risk of overheating and sparking that often occurs during operation, providing a safer cooking environment.

Stronger & Powerful with 3D Ring Suction Technology

Wall-mounted Range Hood (GPR-GY900L) adopts 3D Ring Suction Technology, and has suction ports on both sides of the bottom of the fuselage to extract soot in all directions, and the exhaust air volume is up to 1,200m&sup3 per hour; Special 4-level speeds are selected to suit different cooking needs. The low wind speed mode is suitable for long time slow cooking, saving electricity and keeping the kitchen comfortable and quiet. The extreme speed mode automatically accelerates the motor when the exhaust encounters resistance. The suction effect is stronger and stronger, helping you to easily fight off the fumes and create a smoke-free kitchen.

Energy-saving LED Lighting

When purchasing a range hood, many users are worried that the power consumption of the range hood is amazing. The new Wall-mounted Range Hood (GPR-GY900L) is equipped with eco-friendly and energy-saving LED lighting. The power consumption is low, the phenomenon of high heat and hot hands is not generated, and the light darkness can be freely adjusted according to the needs, and the black glass control panel adopts a light touch design, the operation is clear at a glance, and the use is convenient and simple.

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