Slim Line Collection, Chic Design for the Modest Home
2018-07-10 New Share

The ultimate collection for compact kitchens, Slim Line, German Pool is offering a full range of built-in kitchen appliances. A small kitchen with smart German Pool slim appliances, the right solution for any cozy kitchen household. Stylishly designed with the 450mm philosophy in mind, these appliances offer a modern and compact take on any home. An oven offering a complete culinary experience, dishwashers for perfect glass shine, a compact range hood with powerful exhaust, and a series of interchangeable built-in single range hobs. Maximize the smallest spaces with compact appliances right in the heart of you home.

Elevating the Home Baking Experience

450 mm Built-in Oven

fits perfectly in small and cozy kitchens.

High-quality build offers a timeless design, sophisticated features that deliver the best results for a pleasurable culinary experience. Equipped with 8 different settings and wide temperature control, this Slim Line Oven also has 360 degree heat convection. The user friendly design allows everyone in the family to use with ease. The One-Touch Smart Dial Control and Digital Display Reader further allows precision control.

Dishwashing to a Mirror Shine

450 mm Built-in Dishwasher

with multiple functions, it brings a new experience to dish washing.

A dishwasher is a must for any modern kitchen, move into the future with German Pool’s Slim Line Dishwasher. Developed with the common household in mind, it incorporates advanced functionality leaving your dishes in pristine condition. Designed with a large chamber and 3D Spray Technology, each wash is a pristine wash.

Compact Yet Powerful

Slim Line Range Hood

is the perfect partner for smaller kitchens.

All new Slim Line Range Hood designed at an angled tilt, better positioned to cover the source of kitchen fumes. 495 & 595 mm widths to choose from. Designed with Multi-Direction Exhaust and a Grease Filtration System this Range hood is compact yet very powerful. 3 adjustable settings allow users to fully control the potential of this machine, low speeds for quiet operation and high speeds for powerful exhaust.

Harness the Power of Built-in Single Hobs

Built-in Single Cooking Hobs

Mix and match the cooking hobs to fit your preference, harness the cooking potential of any kitchen.

Ceramic, Induction, and Gas Hobs are all available for your choosing, body width is set just at 305mm. Customize the kitchen based on you personal preference. Satisfy your different cooking needs to desired effect. Flameless cooking compatible with a wide range of cookware, or classic gas hob for traditional cooking. 3 different choices to choose from: Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker, Built-In Induction Cooker, and Built-In Gas Cooking Range. Customize the kitchen stove top to the user’s delight.