German Pool to Receive Hong Kong Top Brand 10 Year Achievement Award

2014-02-20 Corporate Share

German Pool is thrilled to announce that the company is the proud recipient of the "Ten Year Achievement" award – a step up from winning the 2008 "Hong Kong Premier Brand" award – at the 2013 Hong Kong Top Brand Awards. Co-organised by the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, the award ceremony took place on Feb 13, 2014, which also saw German Pool being named a "Hong Kong Top Brand" for the tenth consecutive year, proving German Pool's excellent performance in the areas of branding and development.

For years, German Pool has focussed on delivering products which reflect the company's core values, which nod to "Innovation, Health, Green, Safety, and User Friendliness". We will continue to epitomising the zeitgeist, pushing contemporary products that are excellent in design and build-quality.

German Pool was established in 1982, first as a leader in the Electric Water Heater Market. In recent years, the company has metamorphosed into a multi-disciplinary electrical specialist, diversifying into the home appliance market. One of German Pool's marketing and branding strategy calls for the 7P principle, in which the 7P refers to Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, and Process (logistically and systematically). The priority at German Pool remains with improving pre-sale, sales, and after sales experiences through professional and reliable services.

German Pool boasts over a thousand distribution outlets in Hong Kong, which include chain electrical stores, electrical retailers, and department stores. We also partner with electricity providers, property developers and the government to broaden our distribution channel. Apart from traditional sales strategies, German Pool will continue to diversify our sales outlets and marketing efforts by partnering with deal-of-the-day websites, online stores, in-flight sales, membership sales, credit card companies, and joint brand promotions for increased sales and exposure.

32 years of business has solidified German Pool's reputation as a household brand and a trailblazer in the areas of lifestyle appliances, kitchen cabinetry, electric water heaters, and health care products. We have, and will continue to partner with renowned European brands to expand our high-end collection. Existing collections include "German Pool by Clage" – the 100% Made in Germany electric water heaters, the "German Pool by Ballerina" kitchen cabinetry series, and the "German Pool by Schneidteufel" kitchen knives.

German Pool has also stepped up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in recent years. At the beginning of this year, German Pool took part in the "Chefs Against Food Waste"(名廚齊惜福), a Food for Good event to campaign against food waste. German Pool Vice President Ms Karen Chan led a team to raise money, and all proceeds – without deduction of costs – were donated to Food for Good.

Apart from campaigning for a greener world, German Pool Founder and President Dr Edward Kwok Man Chan is an education philanthropist, advocating educational causes by making charitable donations to universities and schools. Dr Chan is also the president of "Promoting Happiness Index Foundation", a charitable organisation which advocates volunteering efforts from small to medium enterprises. Dr Chan also invited specialists to hold talks about psychological health in the work place. These charitable efforts have led to German Pool being honoured the Happy Organisation Label, paving the way for greater CSR effort.