GP Certified Quality Cabinet 5+ Supreme Sub-Contractor by HKPBIA

2023-04-17 Corporate Share

Professional and Quality Service that Offers You Confidence

With top quality Made-to-Order Cabinetry Series, German Pool has been awarded “5+ Supreme Quality Sub-Contractor of the Year 2022” by Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy (HKPBIA). “5+ Supreme Quality Sub-Contractor” awards sub-contractors that maintain high quality standards for products continually for 5 years or above. It is a huge encouragement for German Pool to be awarded. The award reflects the high standards and stability of German Pool’s factory and speaks for the quality of GP’s made-to-order cabinets.

German Pool Custom-made Cabinetry Series has always been received with great enthusiasm and recognition from clients. Aside from having received numerous SGS certificates, Hong Kong Q-Mark Service Awards, and Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Awards, our Custom-made Cabinetry Series have been certified by HKPBIA with QC Certificates and selected by many real estate developers to be included in their premium quality estate development projects, including the newly established high-end apartment complexes One.Artlane (2021), The Amused (2021), Park One (2021), Park Reach (2021) and Aquila·Square Mile (2023).

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Established in 2012, HKBPIA is the authority on apartment inspection in HK, especially newly established apartments by real estate developers. Many new home owners rely on their professional evaluations and recommendations when they receive keys and want assurance that their newly bought homes (a hefty investment!) are up to par and ready to move in.

With HKBPIA being the most trusted professional evaluator and inspector in the real estate market in HK, receiving recognition by HKBPIA is a significant milestone for German Pool Custom-made Cabinetry Series as it shows that German Pool is a name to be trusted, and that real estate developers choose us among all the subcontractors available on the market, because they recognize that our custom-made cabinetry is of excellent quality and professionalism.

Aside from real estate developers, German Pool also caters to individual homeowners, and can customize cabinets for your sweet home. Products range from kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, to wine cabinets, TV consoles, and shoe storage cabinets. Consult our showrooms now to experience the impeccable service of our home experts.

German Pool Made-to-Order Cabinetry Series: Achieving the Highest Standards For You

German Pool possesses its very own 1.7 million ft2 Cabinetry Headquarters, which has been awarded the "ISO9001" Quality Control System Certification and the "Hong Kong Q-Mark Quality Service Plan" Certification. We insist on using top German technology and fully computerized digital equipment, with the whole manufacturing process automated to ensure quality consistency of the cabinet panels. Together with eco-friendly top quality materials sourced from all over the world, such as European plates, Austrian Blum door hinges, German and Italian zipper shelves, etc., German Pool custom-made cabinets are definitely a cut above the rest!

Stylish and practical, German Pool can tailor make cabinets to fit your every need; from kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wine cabinets to walk-in closets, TV consoles, and shoe storage cabinets, all German Pool custom-made cabinets are tastefully made to fit the home of your dreams!

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