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helpMy water heater works perfectly during summer time. However, when winter comes or whenever the tempe

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  1. We normally want our running water to be hotter during cold weather. Higher water temperature implies more electric power is needed by the water heater to heat up the water.
  2. Incoming water temperature in winter is 15°C lower than summer in average. Even when the desired water temperature remains the same as summer time, the water heater still requires a larger amount of power.
  3. When heater is in use, cold water continueously flows into the tank to refill it. Since that the incoming water in winter is considerably colder than summer, the water temperature inside the tank drops at a faster speed. Thus, hot water is used up quicker in winter than summer even if water consumption remains the same. In order to choose a suitable water heater, it is suggested that you take your winter usage into account when purchasing a water heater.

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