German Pool Product Launch 2018 & Super Deals at 52nd HKBPE
2017-12-15 Products Share

German Pool Product Launch 2018 was unveiled at the new store at Lockhart Road, Wan Chai. The event has introduced the brand new SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set (Wi-fi Control), Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker, and Electric Milk Frother, the best companion to latte art. Mr. Robert Fontana, Chairman of Disciples Escoffier International Asia, and a latte artist have breathed life to the products with their impressive demonstration.

Cooked Exclusively for You by Master Chefs with SOUS VIDE PRO (Wi-fi)

German Pool proudly presented the SOUS VIDE PRO (Wi-fi), an upgraded, app controlled model. In the app, users can select recipes picked by Disciples Escoffier International Asia, and tap to cook right away. With precisely managed time and constant temperature, achieving the perfect texture and taste with the original flavor retained has never been easier.

Mr. Robert Fontana, Chairman, Disciples Escoffier International Asia, demonstrates precise slow cooking with German Pool SOUS VIDE PRO.

German Pool introduces the brand new SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set (Wi-fi Control).

The Set, including Slow Cook Circulator, Electric Vacuum Sealer, and Vacuum Zipper Bags, is what you need to Sous Vide.

Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker & Electric Milk Frother, the Best Companion to Latte Art

Discover your inner latte artist and the ease of being so comfortably at your home. German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker and Electric Milk Frother are the perfect companion to latte artists, making the art created truly yours. The Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker supports most models available in the market, coffee pads, and ground coffee beans. The Electric Milk Frother makes velvety smooth milk froth with just 1 tap, great for free pouring, etching, and sculpturing.

The latte artist creates with German Pool Electric Milk Frother.

The removable jug allows user to pour straight to the cup.

Launched recently also includes German Pool Happy Kitchen Coffee Capsules, in which coffee beans are roasted in Italy. Each capsule is individually sealed in vacuum to lock in taste and aroma. Taste the freshest blend of coffee every time.

Super Deals on Hot Products at HKBPE!

Finally, German Pool announced the highly anticipated discounts at Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo starting from December 16, 2017. Please find German Pool at Booth 2B46-63 for SOUS VIDE PRO, Multi-Capsule Coffee Makers, Electric Milk Frothers, Food Processors, Halogen Cooking Pots, Foldable Jet Steamers, Bathroom Heaters, Water Heaters, Anti-Mite UV Sterilising Cleaners, Heaters, Air Conditioners, built-in kitchen appliances, and German imported Ceramic Cookers and Induction Cookers.

Recommended Deals

SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set (Wi-fi Control) SVC-213W
HKBPE Price: HK$1,962 HK$2,180
Gift Value: HK$219

Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker CMC-111

Special Price: HK$1,880
Gift Value: HK$829

Foldable Jet Steamer JET-915

HKBPE Price: HK$1,280 HK$1,480
Gift Value: HK$319

Professional High-Speed Food Processor PRO-L10/PRO-V10

HKBPE Price: HK$3,380 HK$4,670
Gift Value: HK$1,909

Auto-Spin Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-989D

HKBPE Price: HK$1,870 HK$2,200
Gift Value: HK$1,199

Ultimate Rice Cooker URC-18

HKBPE Price: HK$1,442 HK$1,780
Gift Value: HK$1,009

2-in-1 Free Standing Steam Oven SGV-2613

HKBPE Price: HK$5,216 HK$6,520
Gift Value: HK$1,220

Stackable Steam Hotpot Cooker JET-118

HKBPE Price: HK$1,390 HK$1,680
Gift Value: HK$399

Automatic Dough & Noodle Maker PAM-281

HKBPE Price: HK$1,680 HK$1,980
Gift Value: HK$518

Cordless Temperature Control Vacuum Kettle KTV-215

HKBPE Price: HK$999
Gift Value: HK$1,280

Portable Bathroom Heater HTW-220

HKBPE Price: HK$882 HK$1,680
Gift Value: HK$980

Tower Fan Heater HTF-420

HKBPE Price: HK$882
Gift Value: HK$980
52nd HKBPE

Date: December 16, 2017 to January 8, 2018
Venue: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
German Pool booth: 2B46-63 (near Sugar Street entrance)