Cook with Flexibility of German Pool Built-in Single-hob Cookers
2017-12-13 Products Share

Cooking is about choices, and why don’t you pick and choose all the best? German Pool built-in single-hob cookers are what you need for your dream kitchen. Mix and match with the ceramic cookers, induction cookers, and gas cookers of your choice to fire up your creativity and passion in cooking.

In the German Pool built-in single-hob cooker series...

Ceramic Cooker GID-AS28B
Far-infrared transmits heat directly to cookware. It is quick, energy-saving, and free of harmful radiation.

▶ 2,800W maximum power
▶ 10-level power control
▶ Dual infrared heating rings
▶ German SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic panel
▶ Use with any Cookware

Induction Cooker GIC-CS28B
Heat is generated when magnetic field in metallic cookware is altered. Electrical control saves money and time.

▶ 2,800W maximum power
▶ 10-level power control
▶ French Eurokera® glass panel
▶ Cookware sensor & extended cooling

Gas Cooker GP12-1
Innovative 3D whirling flame heats cookware sufficiently, evenly, and powerfully.

▶ 6,000W maximum power
▶ Use with gas & LPG
▶ 3D whirling flame
▶ Anti-shock tempered glass
▶ Clip-free burner cap

While the ceramic cooker, induction cooker, and gas cookers excel differently, these selected models share the same style and dimension of panel. They are designed to match, and suitable for stir-frying, slow-cooking, and every cooking method in between.