There is probably no one who appreciates her more than you do. Not only does she have a glamourous appearance, her characters are also praiseworthy. A lady so perfect inside out deserves the most extraordinary gifts.

A Sparkling Valentine’s Day

Uniquely hand-embellished with glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the brand new SPARKLE COLLECTION LOVE SERIES is going to deliver your messages to your loved one for you. Select alphabets and numerals to customize your monogram in order to compose your “Decoration of Love”. With 15,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS assembling into the word “Love”, there is no way your message of love cannot be delivered.


Low profile and luxurious; tender and reserved


Passionate, joyful and exciting

With its glamourous, sophisticated appearance and superb performance, THE SPARKLE COLLECTION LOVE SERIES is a perfect representation of an elegant lady who is able to master the kitchen. Its Japanese high-carbon mono blade and its high-speed motor are capable of extracting maximum fibres and nutrients. Vegetable juice, soy milk, smoothies and bisque with an incredibly fine texture can be acquired effortlessly.

Perfect for Making Hot & Cold Drinks

Why don’t you make her an unforgettable Valentine’s Day meal? The default “Vegetable”, “Soy Milk”, “Nuts”, “Smoothies” and “Bisque” programmes of the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor allow you to make a variety of food, such as cocktails, soup, sorbet and even pastries, within minutes. With the Japanese high-carbon mono blade and high-speed motor, maximum fibres and nutrients are extracted. An extremely smooth texture can be obtained without filtering. Who can possibly resist such a surprise?

The upgraded PRO-16 Food Processor comes with the brand new magnetic sensor technology, effectively preventing malfunctioning. The 8 default programmes are going to bring you endless possibilities!

The PRO-M1 Food Processor comes with 2 jars of different sizes. Not only can you blend with the sports jar, it also allows you to carry freshly-made juice anywhere you want.

The German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor ranks No. 1 in multiple items at the Hong Kong Multifunctional Food Processor Survey conducted by ESDlife, thanks to its user-friendlt features, excellent quality and affordable price. It has become one of the most popular high speed food processor in Hong Kong.

Pure Indulgence in the Flavour of Love

Relationships are like a cup of coffee; sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s bitter. No matter how it tastes, the sweetness that arises at the end of it is the most precious and unforgettable thing in the world. If she is a fan of coffee, the German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker will be the ideal gift for her.

The Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker allows you to enjoy café-standard coffee at home. The 7 different capsule adaptors are compatible with different capsule brands, coffee pods and ground coffee in the market. With the 7-Level temperature settings and 2 volume selections, you can customize your own cup of mellow coffee without any effort.