Blooming Wealth and Prosperity, When Two Becomes One
2018-01-27 Products Share

When Western Valentine’s day meets traditional Chinese New Year, a romantic and celebratory time of season can be represented by the blossoms of flowers. THE SPARKLE COLLECTION [PEONY SERIES] was purposely crafted for these perfect occasions, sparkling through these combined holidays.

When Two Becomes One, Joyous Occasions Arrives in a Pair of Peonies.

Designed personally from one of the Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons, renowned designer Mary Yu. The inspiration stems from “The Chinese King of Flowers”, the Peony. The base of the glass is in a mosaic of vibrant colours reflecting the unique Chinese style, at the same time also equipped with Swarovski® Crystals displays a shimmering sense of luxury. Expertly crafted, the base of the set weaved together, symbolizing fated prosperity together. A set of glasses that is filled with happiness, prosperity and wonderful blessings, perfect gift selection for joyous celebrations that include weddings and engagements.

Chinese culture dictates positive events comes in pairs, a pair of champagne glasses and a pair of coasters perfectly encapsulates the Peony design. Not only do they represent love and a harmonious life, but it can be also interpreted as blooming wealth and prosperity.

Crystalized SPARKLE High Speed Food Processor

Specially made from Swarovski® Crystals this processor is meticulously crafted, fully demonstrating the elegance of the Peony. The blossoming flower symbolizes wealth and prosperity, which once again can be the perfect gift for weddings and engagements.

THE SPARKLE COLLECTION [PEONY Series] high speed food processor is the perfect combination of luxury, utility and outstanding design. Able to prepare amazing hot or cold delicate treats for the family, gather them for delectable delights not only a treat for the taste buds but also the exotic appearance of this fabulous machine. Blend healthy smoothies or freshly ground vegetables juices for increased vitality in the new year.

Stitched in Splendor

Beautifully crafted each thread is meticulously refined; the dress is designed to complement the modern style of today’s socialite. Each dress is wrapped in the blossoms of the Peony flower to radiate the charm and wit of the wearer. It is finished with Swarovski® Crystals to elevate the user to the highest of social standards.

  • Meticulously refined and beautifully crafted
  • Complement to modern style of today’s socialite
  • Peony flower emphasizes the charm and wit of the beholder.
  • Emits an unspoken elegance
  • Precisely crafted while complementing the wearer
  • Bauhinia is the embodiment of vitality and hope

Made by German Pool in association with Swarovski® Crystals, expertly crafted apparel and accessories that shimmer with the utmost quality. Sparkle that symbolizes everyone is unique and in the pursuit of quality lives. Products include crystalized home appliances, high speed food processors, champagne glasses, coaster set, picture frames and scarves.