7-year Warranty on Motor of German Pool Professional High-Speed Food Processor
2017-07-14 Products Share

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Thanks to its powerful functions and effectiveness in releasing nutrients in food via high-speed blending, the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor has become a popular kitchen appliance among young and elderly people. Starting from 1st July 2017, customers can receive a 7-year warranty on the motors upon purchase of German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processors, giving customers an even better experience in using the appliance!

High-Speed Motor with Potent Power

Equipped with a 30,000 RPM high-speed motor, the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor generates potent blending power that blends ingredients into a smooth consistency. Even fish bones or stiff medicinal materials such as ginseng and notoginseng can be crushed thoroughly. The food processor can also perform cell disruption, releasing the abundant fibres and phytonutrients in fruit and vegetables. Nutrients become easier to be absorbed and a fine texture is ensured.

Creating Versatile Delicacies

The Professional High Speed Food Processor comes with multiple default auto-programmes, allowing users to make vegetable juice, smoothies, soy milk, sauces, bisque and baby food with little effort. The appliance is not only perfect for making nourishing dishes for the elderly, it is also an ideal tool for youngsters to get themselves in shape.

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