Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus: Your Perfect Partner for Vacuum Blending
2017-08-20 Products Share

German Pool is revealing the secret to long-lasting freshness of fruit juice --- vacuum blending! Enhance the nutrition and flavour of juice simply by using the Professional High Speed Food Processor with the Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus. Oxidation can be slowed down, hence prolonging the freshness of juice. More than that, a more vivid colour, a smoother texture and a richer flavour can be achieved! With more vitamins and polyphenols preserved, the freshly-made juice is age-resisting!

Perfect for Vacuum Blending

Especially designed for German Pool Professional Food Processors, the Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Plus expands the functionality of food processors. With vacuum blending achieved, oxidation is slowed down while phytonutrients are being derived. High-fibre juice is made like never before!

Extracting all the air from the blender jar before blending reduces the contact between ingredients and oxygen, thus hindering the oxidation of ingredients. Compared to ordinary juice, vacuum blended juice can be stored for a longer time. Its colour remains vivid and fewer nutrients are lost through time.

Super Easy! Flawless Vacuum Blending in 3 Steps

Attach the Jar Adaptor

Insert the Vacuum Sealer. Press to remove air from the jar.

Start blending.
Contrast Between Conventional & Vacuum Blending

Vivid Colour
The anti-oxidation effect gives the juice a vibrant colour.

Even, Smooth Texture
Fibres and pulp is evenly distributed, achieving a rich and smooth texture.
Fewer Bubbles, Better Taste
Fewer bubbles are created, bringing about a richer flavour.
Deriving All Phytonutrients with the Professional High Speed Food Processor

Equipped with durable Japanese high-carbon steel blending blades and a 30,000-R.P.M. high-speed motor, the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor is able to grind the whole piece of fruit or vegetable with its pulp, peels and seeds into a nutritious drink. Effective in performing cell disruption, phytonutrients are thoroughly derived. High-fibre juice with abundant nutrients is produced!