German Pool's Wedding Exhibition, A Display of Everlasting Happiness
2018-05-21 News Share

On May 20th German Pool hosted a wedding exhibition at the Hilton Garden Inn showcasing THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool. The combination of artistry and household appliances was met with vigorous reception. Notably The Peony Series was the star of the show, highlighting “When Two Become One, Everlasting Happiness”.

THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by German Pool in collaboration with Swarovski® has produced products which include customized appliances, food processors, champagne glasses, coaster sets, picture frames, QiPao, and scarves all meticulously crafted.

  • Left: Designed by Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selections Mary Yu, inspiration stems the Peony. The elegance of the Peony is shown by combining the base of the glasses depicting the lasting fate of a couple, the perfect gift for newly-weds
  • Top Right: THE SPARKLE COLLECTION series captivating the attention of exhibitioners.
  • Bottom Right: The founder of THE SPARKLE COLLECTION and German Pool Marketing Director Ms. Karen Chan presenting the award to the lucky draw winner.

Aside from the ever impressive THE SPARKLE COLLECTION, the exhibition also showcased the Seafood Delicacy Cooker, Multifunction Cooker Limited Edition, Sous Vide Circulator Set, Coffee Maker, Food Processors, a series of home appliances created to build a cozy home.

The appliances included were also showcased on “Good, Cheap, Eats” with Maria.

Workshops were held in the wedding exhibition. Participants were able to create and eat butterfly cookies on the spot, experiencing a relaxing kitchen atmosphere.

Make butterfly cookies using German Pool’s Halogen Cooker.