Make a Poon Choi for Your Reunion Dinner
2018-02-05 Products Share

Feel like poon choi for the coming Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year? Dining-in and delivery are not your only way to go. German Pool proudly presents the Poon Choi Cooking Classes. In the class, you will be guided to prepare, cook, and layer each and every ingredient, which will surely surprise and delight your guests.

Poon choi, literally basin feast in Chinese, is a traditional casserole-like dish served at communal special occasions, such as during the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, it takes 3 days to prepare poon choi. But with modern kitchen appliances and easy steps instructed by the class chef, it can done in just 3 hours. Only 2 sessions of Poon Choi Cooking Classes are available. Sign up now for these very limited seats!

Food included:
Shrimp in tomato sauce, fish maw, faux abalone slices, roasted pork, steamed chicken, duck’s feet, shiitake, pork rind, radish, taro, fish balls, tofu skin & deep-fried tofu (13 food items)
Date & time:
Please select:
Feb 9, 2018 (Friday) 6:00 - 9:00pm [Sign up here]
Feb 11, 2018 (Sunday) 3:30 - 6:30pm [Sign up here]
German Pool Culinary Experience Centre, L5-5, MegaBox, Kowloon Bay
Early bird discount:
HK$880 HK$920
Special price for 2:

The mini poon choi features 13 food items. 13 is a Chinese lucky number.

The roasted pork is commonly found in poon choi and also the signature dish of the German Pool Halogen Cooking Pot.