The Chinese New Year is the festival of family banquets, usually homemade. A good cook needs a good set of kitchen tools to make dishes rich in variety, nutrients, and flavour. For the coming feast, throw away your old cooking ranges and bring in new appliances. Let’s start the year with something memorizing.

Cook Like a 5-star Chef

Stewed Pork Knuckle with Abalone, a pun of handy luck in gambling in Chinese, is the go-to extravagant dish. Now cook the traditional Chinese dish in the French way for a surprising upgrade.

Sous Vide is a French cooking method that treats ingredients in airtight vacuum bag in low heat for a prolonged duration of time. It effectively retains moisture and flavour by preventing oxidization. To make the perfect pork knuckle which is tender to taste and pleasing to look at, the brand new SOUS VIDE PRO (Wi-Fi) is the best you can have with evenly distributed heat and precisely set temperature down to 5°C.

The SOUS VIDE PRO (Wi-Fi) can be controlled via a mobile app, which features more than 40 click-to-cook recipes hand-picked by chefs at Disciples Escoffier International Asia. Start cooking like a 5-star chef does anywhere anytime.

Cook Like You Know Magic

Sea cucumber is a popular ingredient for Chinese dishes with names like wishes come true. To bring out the best texture and flavour of sea cucumbers, it takes only simple good old steaming. The new Foldable Jet Steamer can definitely make this come true with hot steam delivered in impressive 30 seconds and precise electronic temperature control. The Foldable Jet Steamer features up to 3 levels of baskets in a total capacity of 18.8L. On top of your sea cucumbers, you can at the same time steam a whole chicken to save time. After cooking is done, clean, dry, and fold the Steamer, and that’s it.

Minced Pork Stuffed Sea Cucumber

Cook Like You Have the Best of Both Worlds

Sundried Oyster with Shiitake, or in Chinese good fortune; good news, is probably the most famous dish for Chinese New Year. For a more authentic look and taste, it is often cooked and served in an clay pot, which doesn’t transmit heat efficiently and is easily blackened by flame. The Built-in Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Cooker is good news to those opt for tradition, but with a new modern twist. The induction cooker is efficient. The ceramic cooker supports cookware of all materials. With 4,600W total power and SuperBoost technology, it suits various cooking methods from stir-frying to double-steaming, even at the same time.

Sundried Oyster with Shiitake

The German SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic panel of the Hybrid Cooker resists heat up to 750°C. Most importantly, it’s very easy to clean. One wipe, and gone are the dirt and grease.