The Weekend Weekly recommended JUS-102 Cold Press Juicer completely separates fruit juice from the pulp, acquiring pure fruit juice. Apart from a mini, portable juicer, the brand new product is a smart sorbet maker. With the Cold Press Juicer, you can effortlessly create your own non-preservative sorbet at home!

4-Ringed Squeezing Screw

Mimicking traditional millstones, the Cold Press Juicer obtains fruit juice with its fruit strainer as well as the squeezing screw (auger) that rotates 38 times per minute. With no heat produced and little air mixed in, oxidation is hindered, hence preserving nutrients in the juice. The entire juicing process does not require any water!

Easy Homemade Sorbet

The Cold Press Juicer instantly turns into a magic tool for sorbet making simply by replacing the fruit strainer with the smoothie strainer. Cut the fruit pulp of your choice into small pieces, freeze them in the fridge and put them into the Juicer to create 100% natural sorbet. Watch Weekend Weekly demonstrates how to make dual-flavour fruit sorbet:

Meanwhile, German Pool brings you a series of refreshing sorbet recipes, allowing you to fully utilize the Cold Press Juicer and have a healthy, breezy summer!

Selected Recipes: