Retiree & Senior Fair 2017 will be held from 7th to 9th July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In response to the phenomenon of population ageing, the exhibition presents various types of services and products tailor-made for the elderly. The German Pool booth (Booth no.: C-08) showcases a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances. With live demonstrations, German Pool conveys the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Leading the Trend of Healthy Living with Popular Kitchen Appliances

German Pool has been upholding the core brand values of “creativity”, “healthiness”, “environmental-friendliness”, “quality” and “user-friendliness”, trying to incorporate them into the research and development of products. As a result, the Professional High Speed Food Processor, Foldable Jet Steamer, Slow Cook Circulator and so on are created.

Perfect for Making Hot/Cold Drinks & Calcium-Rich Bisque

Equipped with a powerful motor and Japanese high-carbon steel blending blades, the Professional High Speed Food Processor is able to blend stiff fish bones and fish meat into a smooth consistency, creating the silkiest, healthiest fish bisque. Without any heating element, heat is generated through friction among water molecules. Not only is the fish bisque warm once it is out of the blender jar, the destruction of nutrients is also prevented. A healthy, delicious dish is hence created!

The powerful motor of the Professional High Speed Food Processor can also perform cell disruption, deriving phytonutrients thoroughly. Nutritious, high-fibre vegetable juice that is effective in strengthening the immune system can be made with little effort!

With its user-friendly features, excellent quality and cost-effectiveness, the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor becomes Hong Kong’s No.1 food processor*.

*Source: Hong Kong Multifunctional Food Processor Survey Report, ESDlife, 14th Dec

Vacuum Blending! A Total Enhancement in Flavour & Nutrition

Tailor-made for the German Pool Professional High Speed Food Processor, the Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Series effortlessly achieves vacuum blending and slows down oxidation. The juice therefore has a vivid colour, smooth texture and rich flavour. With vitamins and polyphenols preserved, fruit juice is fresher and healthier!

Cooking Sous Vide with Precise Temperature Control

Originating from France, sous vide is a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag before being placed in a water bath with a lower temperature for an extended period of time. The precise time and temperature control prevents the destruction of fibres and nutrients due to high cooking temperature. Not only is the food hygienic, moisture and nutrients are also preserved. The thermostatic bath ensures a tender texture on both inside and outside while allowing you to obtain the exact cooking level you want.

Your Magic Box for Steam Cooking

The patented jet steaming technology of the German Pool Foldable Jet Steamer allows high-temperature steam to be ejected within 30 seconds. Heat is distributed evenly inside the Steamer, facilitating fast and thorough cooking. Nutrients and moisture are retained and the original flavour of food is brought out. The foldable design allows easy storage. Simply unfold the Steamer to acquire a 10.5 L volume. Handling bulky ingredients such as whole chicken is no longer a difficult task. With two levels of steaming baskets, multiple dishes can be steamed at the same time.

115°C High-Temperature Steam Cooking

Equipped with a patent steam generator, the 2-in-1 Free Standing Steam Oven produces high-temperature steam of 115°C, achieving fast cooking. Moisture and nutrients of food are preserved and excessive grease is dissolved, making the food healthier. With auto-programmes including Steam, Grill, Steam Grill, Keep Warm, Fermentation and Defrost, delicacies such as steamed fish, grilled chicken and cakes can be made with little effort.