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The Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Set expands the functionality of the Professional High Speed Food Processor. Achieving vacuum blending, oxidation is slowed down and nutrients are preserved.

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Especially Made for Professional High-Speed Food Processors











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Exquisite Box Set

The German Pool Anti-Oxidation Vacuum Food Processing Set comes with the Vacuum Lid, Sealing Rings and Vacuum Zipper Bags of different sizes. Enjoy vacuum-sealed food at home without having to purchase additional accessories!

Vacuum Lid & Sealing Rings
Applicable to JAR-20, JAR-30, JAR-40 Blender Jars and the PRO-M1 1 L Blender Jar.
Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer
Portable and easy-to-use. Vacuum seal simply by pressing one button.
Vacuum Zipper Bags
Come in 4 different sizes: 260mm x 340mm, 220mm x 340mm, 260mm x 280mm and 220mm x 210mm. BPA free and extra safe.

Super Easy! Flawless Vacuum Blending in 4 Steps

Remove the measuring cup of the blender jar.

Cover with the Vacuum Lid.

Press the vacuum sealer nozzle flat against the air valve to remove the air from the jar. Start blending.

Open the air valve to break the vacuum seal. Pour out the juice.

Contrast Between Conventional & Vacuum Blending

Taste Affected by Bubbles

The air inside the blender jar leads to the formation of bubbles, affecting the flavour.

Fewer Bubbles, Better Taste

Fewer bubbles are created, bringing about a richer flavour.

Dull Colour

Oxidation brings about a dull colour. Nutrients are also lost in the process.

Vivid Colour

The anti-oxidation effect gives the juice a vibrant colour.

Uneven Texture

Sedimentation is flavoured, making the juice texture uneven.

Even, Smooth Texture

Fibres and pulp is evenly distributed, achieving a rich and smooth texture.

Perfect Bundle in Vacuum Food Processing

Vacuum Blending

Professional High Speed Food Processor + Vacuum Lid

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Circulator + Vacuum Zipper Bags

Vacuum Food Preservation

Vacuum Zipper Bags / Vacuum Lid

Operating Video Guide

How to Use the Vacuum Zipper Bags
Power Supply of the Vacuum Sealer
How to Use the Vacuum Lid

Vacuum Zipper Bags

Come with the box set. Available in different sizes. BPA free and extra safe.

Running out of vacuum bags?


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs)
26 x 28 cm (x5)
22 x 34 cm (x5)


Vacuum Zipper Bags (10pcs)
30 x 34 cm (x5)
26 x 40 cm (x5)

How to Clean & Maintain Vacuum Zipper Bags

Correctly cleaned and maintained Vacuum Zipper Bags can be used repeatedly for 30 times. Durable and environmentally-friendly.

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More Details


What should I pay attention to when vacuum sealing with the Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer and Vacu
To prevent air from re-entering the blender jar, do not take away the vacuum sealer immediately after the air extraction process. Instead, briefly press the air valve of the vacuum lid while removing the vacuum sealer to ensure an airtight condition.
The vacuum zipper bag can be repeatedly used for up to 30 times.
Can the vacuum zipper bag be used for other purposes?
Yes. The vacuum zipper bag is perfect for storing items that are easily affected by humidity and oxidization, for example, cameras, lens and cosmetics.
Is the material of the vacuum zipper bag safe?
Materials of the vacuum zipper bag are recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is safe to be used for cooking or infant food storage.
When vacuum sealing with the Electric Handheld Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Lid, how do I know if air ha
When the utensil reaches a vacuum state, the Vacuum Lid will be slightly pushed downward.
What is the best way to clean the vacuum lid?
Wipe the vacuum lid with a wet cloth and dry it thoroughly before re-using. Be careful not to damage the air valve.
What is the best way to clean the Vacuum Zipper Bags?
Turn the bag inside out. Wash gently with normal washing-up liquid to remove all food residue. Wipe with a dry cloth and let it dry thoroughly before re-using. Avoid rubbing the air valve. DO NOT use a dishwasher.