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Sola Water Heater

Solahart Solar Water Heater

Solahart-181LSC24 New
180 L
Solahart-302LSC36 New
300 L

Solar System Project Showcase

Partner: Hong Lok Yuen
Year: 2019
Applied Location: Hong Lok Road East
Project Details:

German Pool has set up a team of solar power engineers to provide customers with integrated solar energy system services, including consultation on projects, design, materials, construction, etc.


In order to promote the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong, German Pool undertook the Solar Power System Project at Hong Lok Road East which is tailored to customers from Hong Lok Yuen, Fairview Park, Marina Cove, and other villas. The project includes bracket installation with waterproofing, wind speed and roof weight capacity design, from planning to completion in only two months. It is able to generate power of up to 9.8 kW.