German Pool Participates in 2018 "Restaurant & Bar Exhibition"
2018-09-04 News Share

The trendy appliance and kitchen cabinet brand "German Pool" will participate in the 2018 "Hong Kong Restaurant & Bar Exhibition" (Booth: Hall 5FG, GD28) hosted by UBM Asia Limited from September 4 to September 6, 2018. Catering industry professionals from all over the world will gather and present the latest kitchen products at the annual industry event, including the new Slim Line built-in kitchen series and Professional Series for the commercial kitchen.

German Pool is committed to providing professional cooktops for both Chinese and Western kitchens. Bringing to light a different kitchen experience to chefs and also meeting the needs of businesses and catering companies. Expect to see the presentation of our highly anticipated kitchen series and a wide range of different products.

Disciples Escoffier Theatre "Young Talents Escoffier" Sponsored by German Pool

This year German Pool will be a part of the "Young Talents Escoffier" again. Eight culinary stars from different countries and regions in Asia will participate in the 11th "Young Talents Escoffier" at the 2018 Hong Kong Restaurant and Bar for three consecutive days. Winners of this region will be able to take part in the global competition set in France.

Exhibition Details

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Booth 5FG, GD28
Date & Time: September 4 and 5, 2018(Tuesday and Wednesday) 11:00 am to 6:30 pm / September 6, 2018(Thursday) 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Organizer: UBM Asia

Hot Products

Professional Series

2-in-1 Induction Combi Steam Oven

CP80, CP105, CP189, CPT-1



  • - Customize the moisture, time, and temperature settings and also maximize storage.
  • - Standardize the cooking process, anyone can cook to perfection.
  • - One touch control for perfect East and West cuisine
  • - Steaming, grilling, and baking. Automated moisturizing for ease
  • - Heated Convection for barbeques and roasting
  • - PID controller to precisely control time and temperature levels
  • - Wifi controlled, implementing remote control.

Induction Low Range Stock Cooker

LR-ID-15, LR-ID-12(2), LR-ID-15(2)



  • - Highly rigid structure; reinforced panel that can withstand impact up to 100kg
  • - Overheat protection and preset temperature monitoring
  • - High-frequency heating coil and magnetic aggregation technology
  • - Isolated induction heating ensures safety and reliability, and is 60% more energy efficient compared with gas cookers.
  • - Modular design of the main panel makes inspection and repair easy.
  • - LED Display; IP65 standard waterproof design.
  • - Specially designed inverter cooling system Rapid heating, efficient temperature control, smart operation, user-friendly

Automatic Lifting Induction Deep Fryer




  • - Uses electric induction. With the built-in inverter technology, it is 30% more energy efficient than traditional fryers
  • - Circulatory design of the main panel increases oil circulation, food is perfectly deep fried avoiding sticking
  • - PID controller which enables temperature precision, reducing oil changes.
  • - Thermal controls allow even distribution ensuring fryer quality
  • - Automated lift function prevents overcooking, avoid wastage and maintain consistent results
  • - Special protection, automated safety measures
  • - Stainless Steel Multi-directional protection, radiation prevention design.
  • - Smart controls, precision controls to the seconds, 6 preset fryer modes.

Automatic Lifting Induction Noodle Cooker




  • - PID controller which enables temperature precision.
  • - Smart Control with precision timer control; automated rise technology ensuring desired results.
  • - Independent control system equipped with 6 individual hobs, each with separate stand-by and pre-heat controls.
  • - Inverter temperature control which makes it 60% more energy efficient compared with gas cookers.
  • - Modular design of the main panel makes inspection and repair easy.
  • - Isolated induction heating, safe and reliable; low water detection.
  • - The reinforced design allows the stainless steel induction cooker cabinet to be safe and durable.

Induction Noodle Cooker

NB-ID-C/7-400, NB-ID-C/9-400, NB-ID-C/7-800, NB-ID-C/9-800, NB-ID-C/7-800C, NB-ID-C/9-800C



  • - Electric Induction Sensor, unique automatic temperature regulating function. Eliminate food sticking to the bottom.
  • - Tank separate from heating structure, which allows uniform heating.
  • - Easy to clean, designed and structure meets hygiene standards.
  • - Heat preservation, empty tank reminder, and auto-detection precaution.
  • - Rotary switch gives you easy control over 8 different heat levels available.
  • - Modular design of the main panel makes inspection and repair easy.
  • - Machine uses unique heat dispersal system for better energy efficiency.
  • - Rapid Heating, efficient temperature control, smart operation, user-friendly.
  • - Compartments for quick storage.

Slim Line Collection, Chic Design for the Modest Home

The ultimate collection for compact kitchens, Slim Line, German Pool is offering a full range of built-in kitchen appliances. A small kitchen with smart German Pool slim appliances, the right solution for any cozy kitchen household.

450mm Slim Line Built-in Oven




  • - 45 Centimeters of Kitchen Philosophy
  • - 360° Complete Heat Circulation
  • - 55 Litres Extra Large Capacity
  • - Flexible Compartment Sizes
  • - 8 Roasting Settings
  • - 50-250°C Precision Control

450mm Slim Line Built-in Dishwasher

DWH-121 & 221



  • - 45 Centimeters of Kitchen Philosophy
  • - Save more water and electricity than hand-washing
  • - Effectively cleaning dishes with 3D Spray Technology
  • - Compact build, spacious chamber
  • - Adjustable upper basket height
  • - 30-minute speed cleaning
  • - 3-tier filter system

Slim Line Chimney Type Range Hood

RHP-350 & 400



  • - Compact Yet Powerful
  • - Multi-directional Exhaust
  • - Grease Filtration System
  • - Adjustable 3 Speed Settings
  • - Efficient LED Lighting
  • - Available in 2 widths: 595mm/495mm

Slim Line Built-in Single Hobs

GID-AS28B, GIC-CS28B, GP-12-1



  • - Ceramic, Induction, and Gas Hobs
  • - Customize the combination based on personal preference
  • - Body width is set just at 305mm
  • - German SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic panel
  • - Suitable for all pots & pans