Enjoy Latte Art Experience: Coffee Maker & Milk Frother
2017-11-14 Products Share

Latte art, in which milk is poured into cups of cappuccino and lattes to make patterns, was originated in the 1980s. The smooth milk and rich coffee fuse together to produce delicate art, capturing the skill and creativity of the barista while bringing some flare into everyday life.

To produce delicate latte art and patterns, not only should the milk be retained at 60-65℃, but it must also be ultra smooth and silky. Milk made with German Pool Electric Milk Frother fufills those requirements, and thanks to thte detachable pitcher, the frother enables you to produce latte art in the comfort of your home.

Barista‘s Selection

With a simple press of a button, the milk frother can produce both hot & cold foam, warm milk and powdered drinks. Its unique design makes the smooth milk foam especially suitable for Latte Art as well as 3D Coffee Art, providing you with an enjoyable Latte Art experience.

  • ▶ 3 in 1 function: warm milk froth, cold milk froth, hot milk
  • ▶ Producing milk froth in 2 mins with Otter rapid heating technology
  • ▶ Detachable base & wide container for easy-cleaning
  • ▶ 4 in 1 : warm froth, cold froth, hot milk and hot beverages
  • ▶ IH technology produces milk froth in 2 mins
  • ▶ Detachable pitcher & wide container for easy-cleaning
Spice Up Your Coffee Moments With No Boundaries

The unique 7 coffee capsule adaptors of the German Pool Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker allow you to inspirit your coffee moment with your own choice ─ no matter what brand of your coffee capsule, coffee pod or even ground coffee is, you can easily make your own coffee at any time. There is no limitation of choice, Luxuriate in your smooth mellow coffee in no time!

Coffee Capsule
Suitable for any brand of coffee capsule, elevating you to an exceptional coffee experience!

Coffee Pod
Extra-convenient and simple to make, brighten up your day with the smooth coffee taste with aroma!

Ground Coffee
With complete extraction of the coffee essence, the richly satisfying flavour will definitely inspirit your taste buds!
Adjust Your Coffee Size As You Wish

With the special design, both “large cup” and “small cup” can be chosen as you wish with just one press of a button. You can adjust the cup size and coffee intensity according to your own preference. Indulge in your delightful coffee break and free yourself!

7 Temperature levels setting; Brew your perfect cup of coffee with autonomy

The Coffee Maker has an installed setting of 7 different temperature levels; user can select the right temperature for the cup of coffee based on personal preference.