The White Series of German Pool kitchen appliances is introduced with a new member – Jet Steamer JET-902! Its simplistic pure white design is going to add colour to your home.

Faster and Fresher Steam Cooking

Equipped with a Strix heating element and a water pump, the brand new Jet Steamer JET-902 produces sufficient amount of steam within 30 seconds. The maximum cook temperature of 99℃ can be reached in 2 minutes. The Jet Steamer is twice as fast as ordinary steamers and is effective in preserving nutrients and flavour of food.

3 Levels of Steaming Baskets

Cooking with 3 levels of steaming baskets as well as the rice container at the same time enables you to prepare portion of food sufficient for your whole family. Made with transparent material, the steaming baskets allow you to easily observe the cooking process.

The Fish Steaming Basket

The optional Fish Steaming Basket is ideal for steaming bulky ingredients such as fish, meat and vegetables thanks to its large capacity. Its detachable design makes it extra easy to clean. It can also be used with other steaming baskets, making the Jet Steamer even more versatile!

User-Friendly Features
Water Level Window
The easy-fill design allows you to fill water into the tank anytime during the cooking process, extending the cook time.
Easy-Fill Water Tank
The easy-fill design allows you to fill water into the tank anytime during the cooking process, extending the cook time.
Simplistic Bell Timer
Offers a 1-30-minute time adjustment. Start steaming with a simple twist!
Overheat Protection
The built-in overheat and dry-boil protection ensures operation safety.
More Kitchen Appliances from the White Series:
Space-Saving, Healthy High-Speed Steaming
  • ▶ Foldable design allows easy storage. Simply unfold to acquire a 10.5 L volume
  • ▶ With 2 levels of steaming baskets, multiple dishes can be steamed at the same time. Remove the rack to handle bulky ingredients like whole chicken and fish
  • ▶ High-speed steam ejected within 30s
  • ▶ 360° 3D steaming
  • ▶ Simplistic timer knob

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Professional High-Speed Food Processor Series
  • ▶ Hong Kong’s No.1 food processor brand
  • ▶ Unique “Vegetable” programme
  • ▶ Making healthy vegetable juice, tasty bisque, nutritious soy milk, unique sauces, cooling smoothies, nourishing sweet soup and baby food in an instant
  • ▶ 2 L extra-large blender jar
  • ▶ FDA approved BPA-free Tritan™ material
  • ▶ Japanese 6-piece high-carbon steel blending blades and 3-tier safety protection

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Your New Type of Oven: Fumeless, Greaseless & Radiation-Free
  • ▶ Able to replace over 10 appliance
  • ▶ Able to grill, stew, roast, pan-fry, bake, defreeze and deep-fry
  • ▶ Premium French glass container with shock-proof, “easy-lift” pot lid
  • ▶ 12 L extra-large capacity
  • ▶ Multiple default programmes such as Rice, Cake and Pizza
  • ▶ Full digital control
  • ▶ Detachable, transparent glass container for easy observation of cooking process

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Korean Barbeque Grill
  • ▶ New trend of Korean barbeque: greaseless, fumeless halogen cooking!
  • ▶ 3-tier heating via infrared rays: heat penetration, heat convection and heat conduction
  • ▶ 360° auto-rotate grill pan
  • ▶ 120° Wide-Angle Heating Swing Arm
  • ▶ Touch-sensing control panel
  • ▶ 80-280°C range of temperature adjustment

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Cordless Temperature Control Health Kettle
  • ▶ 5 temperature selections(60°C/70°C/80°C/90°C/100°C)
  • ▶ German borosilicate glass
  • ▶ British Strix thermostat
  • ▶ Curved spout with attached filter
  • ▶ Cordless design with independent power base

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Homemade Bread Maker
  • ▶ 12 default programmes
  • ▶ 3 crust colour options
  • ▶ Portable size
  • ▶ Dishwasher-safe bread pan
  • ▶ Ultra-silent operation

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