Popular German Pool Products Available at PARKnSHOP with Exclusive Discounts
2017-06-28 Promotion Share

This summer, German Pool joins hand with retail giant PARKnSHOP to thank our customers with a series of amazing deals! From 30th June to 28th September 2017, a range of German Pool kitchen appliances, including the popular Halogen Cooking Pot, SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set, Ultimate Rice Cooker as well as the newly arrived Mini Rice Cooker and Cordless Glass Water Kettle, will be available at the PARKnSHOP supermarket chain with exclusive discounts. MoneyBack members can redeem selected German Pool products at incredibly low prices. With these powerful appliances, your kitchen will definitely be upgraded!

Steaming Rice & Dishes in One Go

Tailor-made for city dwellers living in compact homes. The two stackable containers allow both rice and dishes to be steamed in one go. The space-saving design provides a capacity of 1.2 L, which is the ideal portion for 1 person. With 6 default programmes - Rice, Congee, Stew, Steam, Heat and Keep Warm, the Mini Rice Cooker is a must-have for office ladies and micro kitchens.

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Be a Five Star Chef

The precise temperature and time control together with the 360° water circulation bring about an even distribution of heat. Sous vide creates an even, tender texture of food, allows you to obtain the exact cooking level you want and prevents the destruction of fibres and nutrients. With the SOUS VIDE PRO Slow Cook Circulator Set, you can bring home Michelin-level culinary skills and become a five star chef!

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Boil Water & Brew Tea in One Kettle

Especially equipped with a stainless steel tea filter, the Cordless Glass Water Kettle is suitable for both water boiling and tea brewing. The advanced British-imported Strix heating technology ensures rapid and even heat conduction. Made of durable glass, the kettle does not release any harmful substance or absorb any odour. Water filling and brewing is extra easy thanks to the cordless design.

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Halogen Cooking Pot CKY-298
  • ▶Able to grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, reheat, defrost & deep fry
  • ▶3-way halogen heating: heat penetration, convection & conduction
  • ▶7 L capacity
Ultimate Rice Cooker URC-14R
  • ▶4 L inner pot capacity
  • ▶6 default programmes
  • ▶Air-tight design
Auto Power-Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker DFC-616
  • ▶8-in-1: Hotpot, Deep Fry, Slow Stew, Boil, Pan Fry, Steam, Grill/Bake, Stir Fry
  • ▶Auto power switching technology
  • ▶5 L extra-large capacity
B. Duck Toaster TST-100BD
  • ▶6 toast colour selection
  • ▶2 standard slots
  • ▶Pull-out crumb tray
6-in-1 Hand Blender Combo PRG-660
  • ▶6-in-1: blending, crushing, mixing, chopping, shredding & slicing
  • ▶Easy dial operation for multiple speed selection
  • ▶BPA-free food bowl
Steam Iron RT-1120
  • ▶300 ml built-in water tank
  • ▶Water spray & powerful steam burst
  • ▶Powerful vertical steam burst
  • ▶Self-clean function

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