Ultimate Rice Cooker
Ultimate Rice Cooker
  • 8-litre inner pot capacity
  • Durable anti-scratch non-stick inner pot
  • Easy-lift cooker lid
  • 6 "one-touch" auto cooking menu
  • Customizable cook time (1-99 mins)

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German Pool Ultimate Rice Cooker is a brand new kitchen tool proudly developed using the latest technology. This cooker combines the advantages of the rice cookers, pressure cookers, vacuum thermal pots and electric stewing pots currently available in the market. It is safe to use, easy to operate and extremely efficient.

With the updated one-touch cooking features, well-built structure and distinctive design, Ultimate Rice Cooker is considered to be an ideal kitchen helper for all modern families.

Healthy Cooking   Safe and Eco-Friendly
Healthy CookingAir-tight cooker design not only preserves food nutrition and original taste of food but also requires less oil during cooking process that makes your diet much healthier   Safe and Eco-FriendlyNeither open flame nor spillage during cooking process - safe to cook even with children around. Powered by electricity - no polluted air nor excess hot air released
High Efficiency   Easy-To-Clean
High EfficiencySaving energy up to 60% and cutting operation time by 40%   Easy-To-CleanNon-stick inner pot, sturdy outer pot and stainless steel body
  • Descriptions
  • 8-litre inner pot capacity
  • 6 "one-touch" cooking functions
  • Customizable cook time (1 to 99 mins)
  • Preset timer (1-24 hrs)
  • 2 rice cooking modes
  • "Easy-lift" cooker lid
  • Anti-scratch non-stick inner pot

  • Specifications
Model # URC-18
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for Warranty Information.