Dish Sterilizer
Built-In Ozone Dish Sterilizer

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  • Features
Eco-Friendly Sterilization Process
With the powerful Ozone + UV, there is no hidden spot, no pollutant and no harmful residues left behind. It is by far the most eco-friendly way of sterilization.
Extra Large Interior Capacity
The built-in design of DS-15L and DS-13P can easily integrate with most kitchen interiors and create more space for dishes up to 12 kg.
Efficient PTC Drying System
PTC heat-drying system enhances the efficiency of ozone disinfecting, tableware drying, warm keeping and defrosting.
Ozone Keeps Food Fresh Longer
Without using any preservatives, ozone can kill germs and bacteria on food surfaces. This makes vegetables and meat last longer.

  • Descriptions
  • Ozone + UV + Heat 3-in-1 sterilizing & drying system
  • Standard installation size and attractive design – would look good in any kitchen, restaurant, club house or even hotel
  • Spacious 95 L stainless steel inner chamber
  • Upper & lower sliding dish racks loading all types of dishware up to 12 kg
  • Digital control & multi-functional display screen
  • Multiple functions including disinfecting, drying (heat/cool), warm keeping, defrosting, deodourizing, etc.
  • Power-save timer

DS-15L Installation
  • Specifications
Model # DS-15L / DS-13P
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Power 280 W
Capacity 95 L
Loading Capacity 12 kg
Sterilizing Method Ozone + UV
Drying Method PTC
Black & Silver Silver
Dimensions (H) 620 (W) 597 (D) 430 mm
Built-In Installation Dimensions (H) 585 (W) 560 (D) 450 mm
Net Weight 28.0 kg
Warranty Term 1 Year
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for Warranty Information.