Multifunctional Cooker
Auto-Power Switch Multifunctional Health Cooker
  • 8-in-1 multi-functional
  • Auto power switch technology
  • Inner pot made of excellent material
  • LCD display control panel
  • 5L extra-large capacity

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  • Features

Slow Cooking to Maximise Nutrients
The Chinese have mastered the art of soup-making. The auto power switch multifunctional health cooker uses the innovative auto power switching technology to maintain a stable cooking temperature to prevent excessive vaporisation and boiling over. With the added benefit of 45 - 75°C low temperature cooking, this cooker is ideal for preserving the full nutrients of food for a healthier diet.

The Healthy Choice for Every Cooking Task
The brand new auto power switch multifunctional health cooker features an auto power switching technology. First, the cooker deploys high power to heat up rapidly. Once the cooker reaches a certain temperature, the cooker switches to a lower power to enable a stable cooking temperature which saves energy and prevents excessive vaporisation or boiling over. The cooker is the ideal choice for every cooking task!

  • User-Friendly Design

Large Temperature Range
Unlike normal cooking appliances, this cooker can handle a temperature range between 50-240°C, and is perfect for every cooking task.

one-touch keys

LCD Display & One-Touch Keys
The simple, clear display accurately shows cooking time and temperature, as well as the current operating mode. One-touch keys make it easy to adjust time and temperature.

one-touch keys

Non-Stick Inner Pot
Made from material that transmits heat efficiently, the inner pot distributes heat evenly - ideal for a variety of cooking tasks. The non-stick coating minimises the need for oil during pan- or stir-frying. The coating is easy to clean too.

one-touch keys

Transparent Lid
The glass lid seals in moisture, steam, and hot oil spatters inside the pot, preventing nutrients from being lost from the precious braising liquid. It also makes for safer deep frying while allowing easy monitoring of the ongoing cooking process.

one-touch keys

  • 8-in-1 Functions for creating healthy & delicious dishes effortlessly
The LCD control panel with soft touch keys allows you to optimise temperature and running time for the auto programmes. The 50-240ºC wide temperature range and the multiple functions suit all different food ingredients and cooking needs.
  • Descriptions
  • 8-in-1: Slow Stew, Hot Pot, Stir Fry, Boil, Deep Fry, Grill/Bake, Pan Fry, Steam
  • Auto power switch technology ensures safety and conserves energy
  • Fry basket with handle, grill rack, steam rack and spatula included for easy cooking
  • Inner pot made of material excellent for heat transmission and distribution
  • Cooking temperature ranges from 50 to 240 °C suitable for different cooking methods
  • LCD display control panel with soft touch keys for easy time and temperature adjustments
  • 5L extra-large capacity for hotpot and dishes enough for the whole family
  • Transparent glass lid allows easy monitoring of the cooking process
  • Non-stick coating makes cleaning easy

  • Accessories

Fry Basket with Handle Grill Rack Steam Rack Spatula

  • Specifications
Model # DFC-616
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for Warranty Information.