Solar Water Heater
Solahart Solar Water Heater
  • 24 hr/day, 365 day/year Hot Water Supply
  • High Density Insulation
  • Stylish Slim Line Design
  • Long Life - Low Maintenance

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Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel
  • Descriptions
    1. Stylish Slim Line Design
      The look made famous by Solahart. Seen on homes in over 70 countries around the world.

    2. Hot Water 24 a day, 365 days a year
      On those days when there's insufficient solar energy, your automatic booster (left switched on) cuts in to maintain hot water temperature for loads of hot water around the clock.

    3. World's Most Advanced Technology
      The Kf Series features a revolutionary sealed jacket around the storage cylinder. This enables the Closed Circuit!| Fluid to flow from the solar collector panels around the outside of the storage cylinder and quickly transfers its heat to the water stored in the cylinder. Simply put, it means plentiful hot water supplied free from the sun, and is ready and waiting for constant use.

    4. High Density Insulation
      The cylinder is insulted in its durable aluminum case by pressure injected, high density, environmentally safe polyurethane foam which is CFC FREE! The result is that your water stays hotter longer.

    5. Superior Protection
      The large capacity water storage cylinder is protected from the harshest water with not one but two coats of PrimaglazeR ceramic lining. Plus, there is now a a long life heavy duty sacrificial anode.

    6. Corrosion Protection
      Solahart's exclusive Closed Circuit System, aka Hartguard Fluid, also eliminates risk of collector plate corroding or clogging from the inside.

    7. Long Life - Low Maintenance
      The system is designed to provide long life with built-in design requirements for ease of maintenance in even the harshest climate and water conditions.

    8. Looks Better - Lasts Longer
      Proven premium quality aluminum, used for Solahart's collector case, looks better and, more importantly, lasts longer.

    9. Proven High Performance
      Maximum absorption of solar energy is achieved by the unique, super responsive solar collectors which are designed to absorb more solar radiation and transfer it more efficiently.

    10. Solar Glass
      Superior quality solar glass is tougher, providing superior performance, protection and appearance.

    11. Freeze Protection
      Solahart's exclusive Closed Circuit Technology is all the protection you need to prevent freezing in frost-prone or cold climate regions.

    12. Exclusive Multi-Flow Solar Collector
      Greatly increases heat transmission to transfer fluid.

  • Specifications
Model # 443K
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Power 4.8 kW
Electric Current 22 A
Number of Panels 3
Capacity: Water Storage 440 L
Colour Grey / Black
Dimensions: Water Tank (H) 51 cm (W) 329 cm (D) 51 cm
Dimensions: Solar Panel (H) 8 cm (W) 102 cm (D) 194 cm
Packing Dimensions: Water Tank (H) 330 cm (W) 520 cm (D) 520 cm
Packing Dimensions: Solar Panel (H) 8 cm (W) 102 cm (D) 194 cm
Net Weight 124 kg
Net Weight: Full Tank 564 kg
Certification / Standard CSTCat-17-425
Warranty Term 1 Year (Inner Tank 3 years)
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for Warranty Information.