Goose Intestine with Pickled Cabbage

More than 60 min
Goose Intestine
Pickled Cabbage
Red Chili
Green Chili
Chinese Celery
Ginger Dice
Sesame Oil
Blanch goose intestine and then rinse with white vinegar. Rinse pickled cabbage repeatedly and then pat-dry. Marinate with sugar and white vinegar.
Set “Fry” mode at Multifunctional Health Cooker to sauté garlic and ginger. Stir-fry goose intestine with salt and Shaoxing wine. Set aside. Pour away extra liquid. Add corn starch and soy sauce to make thick sauce.
Stir-fry goose intestine with red chili, green chili and Chinese celery. Add sugar and thick sauce. Seasoning with sesame oil and then serve.
**Information provided is for reference only. Actual cooking time and temperature are subject to food portion and personal preference