Italian Designer & Inventor Shannon Sadler

Italian designer and inventor Shannon Sadler is a self-taught designer and photographer, whose work focusses on all aspects of industrial design ranging from electricals, furnishing, to lighting. Sadler injects his modern touches of sleek lines and elegance into this series of contemporary fans from German Pool.

The Gentleman

A gentleman is bold, straight-forward and cultivated. Representing the greatness and steadiness of the gentleman, the Electric Fan Series continuously generates strong, steady cool breeze. The multi-level wind speed selection flexibly copes with different environmental conditions, embodying the wisdom of the gentleman.

The Lady

Elegance and grace are the essence of a lady. The silent operation of the Electric Fan Series symbolizes the lady’s sophisticated manner. Producing gentle cool breeze, children and elders are taken good care of. The Electric Fan Series is the perfect representation of the virtuous lady.

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