Culinary Gala that will Impress the Senses
2018-03-23 News Share

German Pool in association with Disciples of Escoffier proudly present our Culinary Dinner. We were privileged enough to host Michelin Starred Chefs Nicolas Isnard and Frerard Herve at German Pool’s custom kitchen.

Introducing Nicolas Isnard (left) and Frerard Herve (right), culinary legends in the world of food.

A first hand opportunity to witness top quality chefs at work. The chefs will use German Pool products to prepare dishes designed from their customized menu. Each dish complementing each other bringing together a symphony of flavours.

Sous chefs demonstrating their exceptional plating abilities.

Chef Nicolas Isnard’s delectable starter, Oyster jelly with Neuvic caviar

The menu was designed by both chefs bringing their unique takes on classic ingredients, a sensation that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Participants are seated as they enjoy the courses from the customized menu.

A group picture as guests socialize with each other enjoying the experience.

An Immersive experience bringing the excellence of Michelin quality cuisine to our participants, it was the perfect experience to relax and interact with each other.

German Pool has more upcoming events, stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more updates.