The autumn weather is slowly descending on Hong Kong, are you prepared for the chilling seasons? Check out German Pool’s Heater series, one of the products can definitely meet your needs.

Small Size High Output Fast heating
Brand new Tower Fan Heater, standing at a mere 43cm can give out 2000w of power. Using highly efficient PTC ceramic heating combined with a wide swing ensure all-round comfort for your home, bringing you warmth swiftly.
PTC ceramic heating technology keeps the wind soft and comfortable, warming the body while keeping it dry.

▶▶More About Tower Fan Heater HTF-420

3 adjustable heating levels Smart ECO auto mode

Suit your needs in cold days with 3 heating levels, High (2000W), Medium (1200W) and Low (800W), make your home cozy, comfortable, or simply full of warmth according to your needs.

Not only that, when the desired temperature is achieved, heating level is automatically adjusted, using a moderate amount of power to keep warm. It’s possible to make your home comfortable all day long, while being friendly to the environment, and easy on your wallet.

24 Hour timer Go to bed feeling safer

Thoughtful designs featuring 24 hour timers can turn on & off the device automatically, so you can go to sleep without worrying to turn off the heater.

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Small and Compact Stylish and Warm
German Pool Mini Ceramic Fan Heater always keeps you warm. PTC ceramic heating technology warms up the room instantly. Its small and compact design saves space; Specially designed Human Body Sensors and Anti-Tilt Switch makes the product much safer.

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Portable Design Warms up your home
German Pool Movable Bathroom Heater, equipped with a portable design can be hooked and hanged onto walls or tables for use, suitable for the bathroom, baby room, office etc. Implemented with efficient and safe PTC ceramic heating technology, swift warmth will cast away the cold, bringing you a comfortable experience where ever you are.

▶▶More About Movable Bathroom HeaterHTW-220

Movable Design & Easy Installation
Hanged on Walls
Normal bathroom heaters are designed to be permanently installed, requiring a hassle to take off. German Pool Movable Bathroom Heater is equipped with a wall hanging hook to make it easier to move around.
Hooking to bars
Using the inbuilt hook, users can easily hang it on a towel rack. Eliminating the need for screws and drills, change the location of the heater according to your needs.
Putting on tables
Anti-slip design makes it convenient to put on desks and tables. Enabling the user to put it in the living room, baby room, bedroom, office etc.
IP23 Dust & Water Resistant Rating

The Movable Bathroom Heater effectively resists direct splashing and is also dust-resistant, making the heater extra-safe to use in every corner of your home, especially the bathroom.

Detachable Metal Rail

The metal rail makes it convenient to dry towels and small clothing items, preventing bacterial growth and odor.